Dad’s 12 Favorite Winter Drinks

When the temperatures decrease and the cold of winter arrives, there’s nothing quite like getting comfortable indoors with a hot drink. 

For many of us, the winter season reminds us of Dad drinking his well-known seasonal beverage, entertaining us with stories by the fireplace or rocking chair. 

Whether it’s traditional mixed drinks, indulgent creations, or the beloved hot cocoa with additional marshmallows, these treasured drinks are uniquely significant to us. 

Let’s toast to Dad’s top 12 winter beverages that bring about emotions of coziness and fond memories.

1. Crockpot Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: Full-fat milk, half cream, bittersweet chocolate chunks, marshmallows.

Nothing is better than a hot cup of smooth and creamy hot chocolate to eliminate the winter sadness. This crockpot recipe guarantees a rich and chocolaty treat. 

Mix up whole milk, half-and-half, and dark chocolate chips, and allow the slow cooker to do its job. Finish it up with a pile of soft marshmallows for the ultimate treat.

2. Warm Buttered Bourbon 

Ingredients: Bourbon, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg.

Come closer to the fireside, and be ready to feel the warmth deep inside you with a Hot Buttered Bourbon. This pleasant beverage elevates the traditional formula by including Kentucky bourbon, imparting a hint of Southern allure. 

This is a popular choice throughout the winter season that is guaranteed to bring satisfaction, featuring a combination of bourbon, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

3. Warm Toddy 

Ingredients: Warm tea, sweetener, lemon juice, whiskey, cinnamon stick.

During the cold winter season, a Hot Toddy is a popular option. This soothing beverage blends heated tea with honey, lemon juice, a dash of whiskey, and a cinnamon stick for extra warmth and sweetness. 

It is an uncomplicated yet calming method to relax on a chilly evening.

4. Simple Apple Cider 

Ingredients: Pre-made apple cider and autumn spices.

Easy Apple Cider is the perfect choice if you need a comforting drink to boost your energy in the afternoon. 

Beginning with pre-made apple cider, this recipe enhances the flavors with cozy autumn spices. It’s a great way to savor the season’s abundance in a comforting drink.

5. Vanilla Vodka Martini with White Chocolate 

Ingredients: Rich cream, vanilla-infused vodka, a liqueur made from white chocolate, and shavings of dark chocolate.

The White Chocolate Martini is a dessert-like drink for people who enjoy sweet flavors. 

This wonderful mixture combines thick cream, vanilla-flavored vodka, and liqueur made from white chocolate. It is prepared by shaking the ingredients with ice and pouring the mixture into a martini glass. 

Finish it up with grated dark chocolate for an appealing touch of indulgence.

6. Bourbon Slush 

Ingredients: Tea, lemonade, orange juice, and bourbon.

Do you recall those slushies from our childhood? Now, envision them with a more mature variation. 

The whiskey Slush blends tea, lemonade, orange juice, and whiskey to produce a classic Southern cocktail. It is chilly, refreshing, and ideal for drinking throughout the year.

7. Potlikker Bloody Marys 

Ingredients: Tomato juice, collard greens broth, vodka.

If you enjoy Bloody Marys, you will appreciate the Potlikker Bloody Mary. This recipe elevates the traditional cocktail by adding potlikker, the tasty broth from collard greens. 

The outcome is a flavorful and fulfilling variation of a well-liked classic.

8. Brandy Alexander 

Ingredients: Brandy, dark cacao liqueur, cream.

The Brandy Alexander is a timeless, indulgent, smooth cocktail that will likely return pleasant memories. 

Created with brandy, dark crème de cacao, and cream, it’s a classic treat that’s ideal for enjoying on a winter evening.

9. Cranberry Classic Cocktails

Ingredients: Whiskey, cranberries, orange bitters, sugar cube, orange peel.

The Cranberry Old-Fashioned provides a fruity and tasty variation for those who prefer the traditional style. 

This pleasant mixture blends bourbon with cranberries, orange bitters, a sugar cube, and an orange twist, making a distinctive and refreshing variation on a traditional drink.

10. Satsuma Paloma

Ingredients: juice from Satsuma oranges, soda made from grapefruit, tequila.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the brief satsuma season with a Satsuma Paloma. Refreshing satsuma juice goes well with grapefruit soda and tequila in this beautiful variation of the paloma drink. 

It’s a tangy and refreshing option for any event.

11. Dark and Stormy

Ingredients: Aged rum, ginger ale, lime.

The Dark ‘N Stormy is a classic drink that blends dark rum, ginger beer, and a dash of lime. 

Whether drinking it on a cold evening by the fireside or enjoying it on a hot summer day, this multi-layered and warming beverage never goes out of fashion.

12. Rum Swizzles 

Ingredients: Rum, lime juice, sugar, bitters.

Want to add some excitement to the party? Consider the Rum Swizzle. With its lighthearted name and enjoyable mix of rum, lime juice, sugar, and bitters, it’s the ideal beverage to commemorate any event. 

Prepare a batch and enjoy the pleasant moments.


These 12 winter beverages have a unique significance to us, similar to the treasured recollections of Dad enjoying his preferred drink by the fireplace. 

Whether you choose the traditional coziness of hot chocolate, the heat of a Hot Toddy, or the luxury of a White Chocolate Martini, every sip reflects the happiness and unity that winter provides. 

Therefore, let’s toast Dad’s preferred winter beverages and the treasured memories they generate. Here’s to winter!

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