Best Way To Hang Things On A Fiberglass Door

Smart Hacks Of Hanging The Things On A Fiberglass Door

A lot of people are using fiberglass doors because they last longer and are lighter than doors made of other materials. As well as being harder and stronger than wood, fiberglass is also easy to drill through with wood drill bits. The following are some clever ways to hang things on a plastic door:

Over-The-Door Hooks

A hook that goes on top of the door’s edge can easily hold towels, jackets, and blankets. These hooks also don’t need any kind of fastener. Setting it up is as easy as putting it where it goes on top of the plastic door. The simple and common types are made from a single piece of molded plastic. The movable ones, on the other hand, have a metal bracket that tightens over the fiberglass door while something is on it. When the door is closed, these pieces will fit very well between the door and the jamb.

Suction And Putty Hooks

The other best way is to use hooks with suction-cup bottoms. These hooks work best on tile walls, but they can also be used on doors with windows. The only thing these suction cups will easily stick to is glass. They won’t stick to wood, though, because the grain of the wood will stop the seal that is needed for suction.

Pot Lids Rack

This is a type of kitchen update that includes adding a rack for lids to the kitchen. There is no better way to store them than on a shelf against the wall, but the rack will hang from the inside of the closet door.

Craft Supplies Station

If you don’t have any room for your art tools, notebooks, and other craft supplies, use the space on the back of a door to make things look better organized. The small trash, the pegboard, and the file holders can all be used to put things where they belong.

Tool Organizer

Putting up hooks, baskets, or a magnetic bar from the inside of a fiberglass door is an easy way to make a better place to store tools and everyday fix-it tools.


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