Basic Cabinet Components: What You Should Know

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Our company works directly with companies that make cabinet doors, so we’ve learned a bit more about cabinet parts and the language used in the business.


The part of the cabinet frame that goes at the top and bottom of the door.


The piece of the cabinet frame that goes on the left and right sides of the door.

Framing Bead

The front cutout of the cabinet door.

Framing Bead

This is the part of the door that has a pattern around the edges.

Drawer Box

One of the most important parts of any kitchen cabinet is the bottom box. There is a drawer in a kitchen cabinet that gets used more than the doors. Getting new drawer boxes is easy; you can do it online or at a nearby cabinet shop.

Cabinet Face Frame

Behind the door and opening is the cabinet face frame, which is the front of the cabinet. Usually, it’s made from solid wood, but cheap cabinets often use nails to hold the face frame together.

Cabinet Door Hinges

The handles on the cabinet doors are also very important. The cabinet door is opened and closed thousands of times over the course of their life. Strong hinges should always be bought because they are put through a lot of wear and tear. You can get new cabinet doors online at and other sites like it.

Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

It’s important to pick out nice cabinet doors since they’ll be the first thing people see when they walk into your kitchen. You can easily get new cabinet doors and drawer fronts, though, either online or at a store near you that sells cabinets.


When it comes to closet shelves, strength should be your main concern. For the longest life, your shelves should be made of high-quality hard wood that can hold a lot of weight. Some people choose slide-out shelves or cabinet organizers to make things easy to get to.

Drawer Slides

The heavy use that drawer slides get from being opened and closed thousands of times over the years means that they need to be of high quality. People can pick between regular drawer slides and drawer outlet kits, which are drawers that come with power outlets.

Panel Raise Profile

This is the part of the door frame that has a cut on the raised panel that makes it stand out more from the frame. This piece could be flat too. After the panel is raised, it will look like the shots of the door above. There is a raised area where the frame and panel meet, making the panel stand out from the frame. A flat panel, on the other hand, is exactly what it sounds like: flat and straight across.

Frame or Frameless

The frame of the cabinet can have or not have a frame. If you remove the frame from the cabinet, it will be easier for everyone to get to. For this kind of building, there is no face frame. Instead, it has a stronger box structure that makes it more stable.

You should know the difference between an overlay and an inset cabinet, as well as the difference between a full overlay and a partial overlay. On a full overlay cabinet or drawers, the doors or drawers will go all the way over the face frame. If you only cover part of the frame, the drawers will still show some of the frame. When the doors and/or drawers of a cabinet fit inside (behind) the face frame hole of the cabinet, this is called an inset feature.


Knowing about the different parts of cabinets, the drawer box options, and the door framing options will help you a lot in deciding how you want your kitchen and/or bathroom to look.

If you know all of this ahead of time, you can get better results! In the end, making a cabinet isn’t as hard to understand as some people might think. As you might expect, if you work as a cabinetmaker, you will want to learn as much as you can about the craft. Hopefully, this article has given you some valuable information about making cabinets. I know it taught me a lot of things I didn’t know before.


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