7 Things to Never Buy at Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a popular destination for home improvement, offering a wide array of products for renovation, repair, and maintenance. However, savvy shoppers know that some items are best purchased elsewhere. Let’s explore seven things you might want to think twice about before buying at Lowe’s.

1. Certain Big Appliances

While Lowe’s offers a range of big appliances, it’s essential to shop around. Sometimes, the store’s prices can be higher compared to other retailers or direct from the manufacturer. Additionally, the selection might be limited, preventing you from finding the perfect fit for your needs. Always compare prices and check for sales and discounts at other stores before making a big appliance purchase at Lowe’s.

2. Paint

Lowe’s offers a variety of paint brands and colors. However, the quality and price can vary significantly. In some cases, you might find better deals or higher quality paint at specialty paint stores. These stores can provide expert advice and might offer a wider range of high-quality options that are more durable and provide better coverage.

3. Cleaning Supplies

While convenient to pick up during a hardware run, cleaning supplies at Lowe’s can be more expensive than at supermarkets or discount stores. For everyday cleaning products, you might find better deals at stores that specialize in household goods or offer bulk buying options.

4. Home Décor

Lowe’s carries a selection of home décor items, but they might not be the best in terms of price or uniqueness. Specialty home décor stores or online marketplaces often offer a wider selection, more competitive prices, and more unique items that can better reflect your personal style.

5. Gardening Tools

Although Lowe’s has a gardening section, the prices and quality of gardening tools can be hit or miss. It’s often better to purchase these items from a nursery or a specialty gardening store where you can find higher quality tools and more knowledgeable staff to assist with your specific gardening needs.

6. Certain Lighting Fixtures

While Lowe’s offers a variety of lighting options, the prices can be on the higher side for certain fixtures. Additionally, the selection might lack uniqueness or the specific style you’re looking for. Specialty lighting stores or online retailers often have a broader range of styles and more competitive pricing.

7. Specialty Hardware and Tools

For specialized hardware and tools, a dedicated hardware store might offer a better selection. While Lowe’s carries a wide array of general tools, specialized projects might require items that are not available at Lowe’s or are offered at a higher price than specialty stores.


Lowe’s is a one-stop shop for many home improvement needs, but it’s always wise to shop around. For certain items like big appliances, paint, cleaning supplies, home décor, gardening tools, certain lighting fixtures, and specialty hardware and tools, you might find better quality, selection, or prices elsewhere. Being a savvy shopper means comparing options and choosing the right store for each specific need.

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