7 Classic Hairstyles That Are Regaining Popularity

In the realm of fashion and beauty, history seems to repeat itself. Trends that were once seen as unfashionable have a tendency to come back in style. Similar to how the vintage clothes of your grandparents become trendy again, traditional haircuts are making a comeback among today’s generation. 

Whether these haircuts are becoming popular again or causing different opinions is a matter of personal preference. In this post, we will examine seven traditional hairstyles that are experiencing a resurgence, and we will explain them using straightforward language to ensure comprehension for all.

1. Curtain Fringe: Past and Present

Then: In the 1960s, the well-known actress Brigitte Bardot sported a haircut known as curtain bangs. The focus was on dense bangs that softly framed the sides of the face, resulting in a charming appearance.

Now: Curtain bangs have experienced a contemporary resurgence with a more relaxed and laid-back variation. You can divide them evenly in the center for a relaxed appearance or arrange them across your forehead for a more voluminous style. It’s a flexible option for anyone wanting to give their hair a hint of vintage style.

2. Shag Hairstyle: Past and Present

Then: During the 1970s, a haircut called the shag became very popular. Imagine it as a bold and intricate hairstyle with plenty of texture. It gained popularity after being featured in the movie “Klute” and then embraced by celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Mick Jagger.

Currently: Nowadays, the shag hairstyle has been updated with a contemporary touch. It’s about accepting curly hair and harnessing it to create a fun and textured appearance. It’s ideal for individuals who desire to enhance the fullness and body of their hair.

3. Banana Clips: Past and Present

Then: Do you recall those U-shaped hair accessory from the 1980s known as banana clips? They were very popular and helped keep your hair in place for different styles.

Now: The classic banana clip has made a comeback and can add a hint of retro elegance to your ponytails or updos. It’s a simple and convenient method to arrange your hair and make sure it stays in place throughout the day.

4. Hair Flipping: Past and Present

Then: The bob hairstyle was very popular in the 1960s, courtesy to well-known individuals like Jackie Kennedy and Mary Tyler Moore. Mastering the ideal flip took dedication and hard work.

Now: The hairstyle that is flipped has made a comeback, particularly in the shape of flip ponytails for fancy occasions. You may create this style using traditional hot rollers or heating tools to give your hair a vintage and glamorous vibe.

5. Hair with Layers: Past and Present

Then: When you consider the 1970s, it’s impossible to overlook Farrah Fawcett’s abundant feathered hair. It had soft roots and long bangs.

Currently: The hairstyle of today is focused on a relaxed blowout that moves away from the face. This is a less heavy and more contemporary interpretation of this traditional appearance, providing a new variation on a well-liked fashion.

6. Bumpits: Past and Present

Then: Large hairstyles have always had their moments, from the tall bouffants of the 1960s to the pinned bang poufs of the 2000s. Although Bumpits did not exist during Priscilla Presley’s bouffant era, they would have been useful.

Now: Bumpits, those plastic attachments that grab onto hair and promise to provide volume, are becoming popular again. They might enhance your hair, reminiscent of the time when hairstyles were large and daring.

7. The Evolution of the French Bob

Then: Silent cinema actress Louise Brooks embodied the 1920s flapper look with her very short, smooth French bob and bangs.

Now: The current French bob hairstyle maintains its timeless sophistication while adding a more modern element. It drops right at the jawline or slightly above and frequently goes well with stylish straight bangs to enhance the appearance of the face.


Ultimately, these seven traditional haircuts are experiencing a resurgence, and although some may bring back memories and enthusiasm, others may make us wonder why they are coming back. 

However, they serve as a reminder that the fashion and beauty industry is constantly changing, with trends from the past still impacting our current style preferences. 

Whether you decide to adopt these restored trends or go for a more contemporary variation, it is undeniable that these classic hairstyles have a lasting charm.

Therefore, stay observant, as you may come across someone wearing one of these timeless styles in public, and perhaps you will be motivated to experiment with it as well!

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