4 of the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles for 2020

In the past, kitchens were small and separate from the rest of the house. These days, they’re the heart of the house and are often right next to family rooms and dens, where people hang out with friends and family. Modern kitchens are also useful because they are used for things like schoolwork, reading, and smart technology.

There are a lot of different ways to plan a new kitchen now that there are so many new cabinet styles, designs, and layouts. Click through to see four of the hottest kitchen cabinet styles for 2020.

1. Transitional Cabinets

New Jersey transitional kitchen cabinets are a mix of old and new styles. The design has smooth, straight lines that go well with the glass, stone, and marble parts. In a transitional style, the cabinets are generally a light to medium color and made of wood grain, painted wood, or a mix of the two. Most of the time, these cabinets come with storage and a lot of drawer room.

2. Shaker Cabinets

You may also like the shaker style of kitchen cabinets. Shaker kitchen cabinets in Lakewood, NJ are simple but nice to look at. They usually have light finishes, simple handles, and doors with recessed panels. They can be painted to look old and worn, which is great for a country kitchen. The Shakers, who were skilled builders and carpenters who made these cabinets many years ago, gave them their name.

3. Metal Finishes

Metal finishes are chosen by more than half of people who update their kitchens. The most popular choice is matte nickel. Matte chrome and stainless steel are next on the list. If you’re remodeling your kitchen and want to add metal finishes, the best thing is that they don’t have to match. One way to make a space look clean and bright is to mix white cabinets, a classic marble table, and brushed nickel fixtures.

4. Specialty Cabinets

Most new kitchens have an open concept plan, which means that the kitchen flows into rooms next to it. People choose kitchen islands, taller cabinets, breakfast bars, and specialty cabinet storage to fit this large and open area. You could add a wine fridge, a breakfast bar, or specialty cabinets with spice racks, knife racks, deep drawers, or tray dividers to make your kitchen even more unique.

Do you want to change the way your NJ kitchen looks? Woodhaven Lumber and Millwork can help you pick out the best style for this room in your house. With custom cabinets, stylish hardware, and stone countertops, you can make your kitchen a place that is both functional and stylish.

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