13 Small Habits That Actually Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Our daily habits and choices, no matter how small, can be quite revealing about our personalities. In this expanded blog, we’ll look closer at 13 such habits and what they potentially say about us.

1. Your Handwriting

Deeper Insight: Graphology suggests that people with large, loopy handwriting tend to be more outgoing and attention-seeking, while small, tight handwriting might indicate introversion and a focus on detail.

2. Your Walking Speed

Deeper Insight: Fast walkers are often thought to be more confident, assertive, and generally more goal-oriented. Slow walkers might be more relaxed, observant, and potentially more content in the moment.

3. How You Use Social Media

Deeper Insight: An active social media presence might suggest a personality that seeks connection, validation, or enjoys the spotlight. Minimal social media usage can indicate a preference for privacy, self-reliance, or possibly skepticism towards digital interaction.

4. Your Morning Routine

Deeper Insight: A structured morning routine might reflect a personality that values order, preparation, and consistency. A more spontaneous morning routine can suggest adaptability, openness to new experiences, and perhaps a more laid-back attitude.

5. How You Treat Service Staff

Deeper Insight: Respectful and patient interactions with service staff reflect empathy, kindness, and a sense of equality. Impatience or rudeness might indicate a lack of empathy, entitlement, or self-centered traits.

6. Punctuality

Deeper Insight: Consistent punctuality shows respect for others’ time, a sense of responsibility, and often good time management skills. Habitual tardiness can suggest a more relaxed approach to time, potential disorganization, or a laid-back personality.

7. Your Laugh

Deeper Insight: A loud, hearty laugh can indicate a confident, extroverted personality, while a more reserved laugh might be characteristic of an introverted or shy individual.

8. Your Eating Habits

Deeper Insight: Eating quickly might be linked to a busy lifestyle, impatience, or a focus on efficiency. Eating slowly could indicate a more relaxed nature, a tendency to savor experiences, or a more mindful approach to life.

9. How You Spend Your Leisure Time

Deeper Insight: Preferring solitary activities like reading or gardening might suggest introversion, while enjoying social activities like parties or team sports can indicate extroversion and a love for social stimulation.

10. Your Shopping Style

Deeper Insight: Impulsive shopping might reflect spontaneity, a zest for life, or perhaps a tendency towards instant gratification. Careful, deliberate shopping can indicate a more pragmatic, thoughtful, and possibly budget-conscious personality.

11. How You Organize Your Workspace

Deeper Insight: An organized, tidy workspace suggests a methodical, possibly meticulous personality. A cluttered workspace can indicate a mind focused on creativity, big ideas, or a preference for a more relaxed environment.

12. Your Communication Style

Deeper Insight: Direct communicators value honesty and efficiency, often preferring straightforwardness over diplomacy. Indirect communicators may prioritize relationships, harmony, and the feelings of others over blunt truth.

13. Your Approach to Problem-Solving

Deeper Insight: A methodical, analytical approach to problem-solving can suggest a logical, systematic personality. An intuitive approach might indicate a person who values creativity, flexibility, and a willingness to think outside the box.


While these habits can offer insights into personality, they are just pieces of a larger puzzle. Personalities are complex, and these behaviors are influenced by a myriad of factors, including environment, upbringing, and individual experiences.

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