10 Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Small Spaces

There isn’t always enough storage or floor space in small places to live easily, but with the right furniture that takes up little room, even the smallest apartments can feel big. Micro-loft apartments and tiny homes are both examples of small spaces that let you plan and decorate in a simple, streamlined way.

There are a lot of furniture makers who come up with pieces that can be used in different ways or that can be folded up neatly when not in use. If you want to shrink your living space or already have a small room that could use some customization, these 15 pieces can be changed to make your small space feel bigger.

What Is Transformable Furniture?

A piece of furniture that can be used for more than one thing is called transformable furniture. It often changes from one part to another, which cuts down on the number of furniture pieces needed in a room. That’s helpful because it gives you more room space and often more storage.

1. Use a Murphy Sofa Bed

If your room is so small that you can’t decide between a cozy bed and a place to watch TV, check out Resource Furniture. This is the best way to change the use of furniture in any room of your house, like the Nuovoliola 10 Murphy Bed.

This queen-sized Murphy bed is hidden in a cute little three-seat sofa. It blends in with the decor and is easy to change into a different bed. The shelf above the couch even flows easily into the foot of the bed, giving you extra space to store things at night without any extra parts.

2. Decide on Art or Chairs

If you have more wall space than floor space but still need extra chairs for when guests come over, Studio Dror has what you need. The Pick Chair, which was made by the clever artist Dror Benshetrit, can be changed from beautiful wall art to comfortable seating (and back to art) in a flash.

The rolling Tumi suitcase grows in stages until it’s twice as big as it was before. If you like Dror’s ideas, check it out. Your big bag can be turned back into a small carry-on in a snap. It’s easy to store and won’t take up too much room in your home.

3. Get a DIY Loft Space

The great thing about an industrial loft, even a small one, is that it has an open floor plan that lets you arrange your furniture in a number of different ways. If your ceilings are high, you may have a lot of room that you can use up there. With space-saving furniture from Expand Furniture, a company based in Vancouver, Canada, you can take over that room.

Check out the do-it-yourself loft space that gives you more room to live and more floors to enjoy it on. You can add a home office, a bedroom, or even just extra storage space to your loft. This won’t make it a twin, but it will help define and separate the rooms below. With this new idea, you can make better use of the vertical room you have.

4. Pullout a Desk or Bed

That being said, you don’t have to live in a small area to fully enjoy furniture that can be changed into different shapes and sizes. You do not have to pick between having an office or a bedroom if you have the right pieces that can be used in both.

The Hiddenbed Majestic doesn’t have a bed and a sofa together. Instead, it has a queen-sized bed inside a classic-looking writing desk in the style of a secretary. The writing surface slides easily under the bed when the desk is folded into a bed. This makes storage space under the bed possible. Even better, when you take the bed off, there are two useful shelves that sit on top of it to store any things you might need at night. This new idea makes twice as much space in half the time.

5. Fold a Kitchen

In a small home, there is also not a lot of room in the kitchen. If your kitchen isn’t very big, it can be hard to make a full meal. A artist from Helsinki, Finland, named Goran Goci Bjelajac has come up with a solution.

Goci gives you the best of both worlds: a fully functional kitchen that folds up into a beautiful box that you can put in the corner until you need it again. There is a refrigerator, an oven, a cooktop, and a sink in this versatile kitchen island. The expanded kitchen can also be set up in a number of different ways, each of which takes up a different amount of room. It can also be put back together in its original, more compact box shape.

6. Reveal A Secret Kitchen

The PIA Pop-Up Kitchen from Dizzconcept is another very smart kitchen choice. It is made to look like a modern and stylish entertainment cabinet. On the front of the cabinet, there is a hole that can hold a TV on a wall mount.

An amazingly well-equipped kitchen has a dishwasher, a waste disposal cabinet, and an integrated refrigerator. The doors also open to 90 degrees or all the way around, revealing a fully integrated hood, LED lighting, electrical outlets, and an open shelf that can hold a freestanding microwave oven. The doors are 6 inches deep, so you can store bottles, dishes, and other cooking tools inside them. There is a sink, faucet, and stovetop on the 6-foot-long tabletop.

7. Make the nesting bookcases bigger

There is no need for a miracle fix in every small place. Sometimes, all you need is more space to store things. Japanese designers have been coming up with new ways to use small spaces for years and are known as the masters of elegant simplicity. The simple expanding desk by the Japanese design firm Nendo is a great example.

From a folded size of about 2 feet to a full length of just over 4 feet when open, the Nest Shelf grows. You can also change the size of two other areas, making it easy to meet your storage needs.

8. Transform a Small Desk Into a Long Table

The Goliath is another product from Resource Furniture that can be changed from a small desk for writing to a full dinner table. This 17.5-inch desk comes in materials that can be used inside or outside and is made of strong, reflective glass. It has lightweight aluminum leaves that can be used to extend the desk to just over 9 feet, which gives 10 people plenty of room to sit easily.

9. Grow a coffee table to make room for a table

The UK-based Ozeta Studio has a line of tables that can be used in different ways. The Mondial has a gas-powered mechanism that lets it change from a 9-inch coffee table to a 31-inch tall dinner table that can seat 6 to 8 people. The change takes only minutes. The top and base of the table can be made of marbleized glass, white glass, or wood, and they can even come with wheels for easy movement. This company ships to the US, but plan to pay a lot for shipping.

10. Get a table that can adapt to your needs.

Another company that turns coffee tables into eating tables is Save Space Furniture, which is based in Canada. The Largenta table can be extended to about 77 inches long and 30 inches tall, which is enough space for eight people. As a couch table, it’s about 11 inches tall and 47 inches long.

The Rio is the smallest, with room for only six people. The Valento is the shortest, measuring about 67 inches long and 29 inches tall. You can get the tables with a white gloss, a black gloss, or a wood color finish. Save Space Furniture goes to the US all the time.


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