10 Sausage Brands Made With the Lowest Quality Ingredient

Johnsonville – A leading sausage brand in the United States, Johnsonville offers a wide array of sausage products including bratwurst, Italian sausage, breakfast links, and smoked sausages. They’re known for their flavorful blends and convenient packaging.

Hillshire Farm – This brand is renowned for its variety of quality meat products. Hillshire Farm’s sausages, deli meats, and smoked sausages are popular for their rich flavors and are a common choice for both everyday meals and special occasions.

Oscar Mayer – A household name, Oscar Mayer is famous for its wide range of meat products. Their sausages and hot dogs are particularly popular for grilling and are a staple at many American BBQs.

Aidells – Aidells stands out for its gourmet sausages, which feature unique and often bold flavor combinations. Their products often include unexpected ingredients like mango, apple, or various cheeses, catering to a more adventurous palate.

Jimmy Dean – Primarily known for its breakfast products, Jimmy Dean offers a variety of breakfast sausages, sausage patties, and convenient sandwich options. They are a go-to brand for a quick and hearty breakfast.

Sabrett – Sabrett hot dogs are an iconic New York City staple. Their distinct flavor and snap have made them a favorite at hot dog stands and in homes across the country.

Boar’s Head – Boar’s Head is synonymous with premium quality. Their sausages and deli meats are often found in delicatessens and are known for their high quality and traditional flavors.

Brat Hans – Specializing in organic and natural sausage products, Brat Hans is a choice for those looking for healthier sausage options. Their commitment to using organic ingredients appeals to health-conscious consumers.

Applegate Farms – Known for their commitment to organic and natural meat products, Applegate Farms offers a range of sausages that are free from antibiotics, hormones, and artificial ingredients, catering to those seeking cleaner eating options.

Kiolbassa – Kiolbassa prides itself on traditional methods of producing smoked meats, including a variety of sausages. Their commitment to slow-crafted, smoked products gives them a distinct place in the market.

Each brand brings its unique style and flavor profile to the table, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast option, a gourmet experience, or a health-conscious choice, these brands offer a diverse array of products to explore.

Remember, the best sausage brand for you will depend on your personal taste preferences and dietary needs.

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