10 Drinks To Avoid if You’re Trying To Lose Belly Fat

Starting a mission to reduce belly fat is a praiseworthy effort, as having too much fat in your midsection is linked to different health dangers, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even breast cancer. 

However, reaching your weight reduction objectives necessitates more than simply being aware of the appropriate foods to consume; it is also essential to know about the beverages that impede your progress. 

We’ve sought advice from qualified dietitian Destini Moody, who has provided vital information about ten popular drinks that you should avoid if you’re aiming to eliminate stubborn belly fat. Let’s explore the specifics and uncover the causes of your belly fat concerns.

Blended Coffee Beverages

Although enjoying a tasty mixed coffee beverage may appear innocuous, these sugary creations include a significant amount of hidden sugars and empty calories that lead to the formation of fat around the abdomen. 

Moody cautions against substituting your usual cup of coffee with these high-calorie drinks since a 16-ounce frappuccino can have an astonishing 380 calories. The high sugar and saturated fat in these drinks are not beneficial for your waistline.

Soft Drinks

Carbonated beverages, known for their high levels of added sweeteners and little nutritional value, have a reputation for contributing to fat accumulation around the waist. The elevated sugar levels in these drinks might result in sudden insulin increases, leading to fat accumulation around the waist. 

Moody points out that sugary sodas mostly contain carbonated, high-fructose corn syrup, which can quickly raise calorie intake without offering any nutritional benefits.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice may appear nutritious, but it frequently contains high sugar levels without the beneficial fiber in whole fruits. This can quickly increase blood sugar levels, impeding your attempts to reduce abdominal fat. 

Moody notes that fruit juice does not have the fiber that helps you feel full, which could lead to too much sugar and calories quickly.


Alcohol can lead to the buildup of fat, especially in the abdominal area because it contains a high number of calories. With seven calories per gram, alcohol is not conducive to weight loss. Moody states that beer has wheat, which contributes to its high-calorie content. 

Alcohol can also change metabolism, causing fat to be stored in the middle, colloquially known as a “beer belly.”


Mixed drinks and cocktails high in calories contain extra sugars that can quietly raise your total calorie consumption, leading to fat accumulation around the abdomen. Moody highlights that cocktails, which blend alcohol with sweetened beverages, including sodas, fruit juice, and syrups, produce a harmful mixture. 

These ingredients, rich in processed sugars that can cause inflammation, along with alcohol, can contribute to the accumulation of visceral fat.


Although smoothies could appear nutritious, commercially made or excessively sweetened varieties can have a higher calorie content than anticipated. Filled with sweets and frequently deficient in fiber, these beverages can result in energy dips and weight gain. 

Moody points out that although smoothies might have healthy components, they can also contain a high amount of sugar and may not have enough protein to keep you feeling full, which could lead to overeating and belly fat.

Sports Drinks

Despite their connection to physical activity, athletic beverages are frequently rich in sugar and calories. Unless you’re participating in vigorous physical exercise, these drinks can cause you to consume too many calories and impede the removal of belly fat. 

Moody explains that sports drinks designed for athletes include sugar and electrolytes to provide energy during vigorous physical activity. Having them during free time is not advisable, as they have extra calories and additional sugar.


Milkshakes, with their high sugar content and saturated fats from full-fat ice cream, cause belly fat buildup. Moody cautions that the sugar and saturated fat in milkshakes raise the likelihood of heart disease and encourage the accumulation of visceral fat in the body.


While frozen drinks can provide a delightful snack, they often contain extra sugars that might cause spikes in insulin levels and result in the development of fat around the abdomen. Moody describes slushies as a mixture of finely crushed ice, sugar, and artificial colors.

 Consuming slushies can lead to a rapid rise in calorie intake without offering any nutritional advantages.

Energy Drinks

Energy beverages, recognized for their elevated levels of caffeine and sugar, may offer a momentary increase in energy but have the downside of encouraging abdominal obesity. 

Moody notes that certain energy drinks have additional sugar and extra calories, while others have artificial sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners could deceive the body into anticipating sugar, resulting in excessive eating and challenging abdominal fat reduction.

Final thoughts

When trying to reduce belly fat and enhance your general health, paying attention to the drinks you consume is essential. Avoiding these ten beverages containing high amounts of sugars, empty calories, and unhealthy ingredients might help you achieve your weight loss objectives. 

Remember that selecting wiser beverage options can assist you in your quest to eliminate obstinate belly fat permanently.

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