Just as “one-size-fits-all” clothing is seldom appropriate for a special occasion, stock cabinetry has limited potential to really capture hearts. While standard boxes and finishes may be serviceable and economical- custom is the way to go if you want to lift the “heart of your home” out of the realm of the ordinary.
Here’s why:

Unlimited Options
Eliminate the constraints of standard sizes and dimensions and embrace creative solutions for odd spaces or quirky needs. Custom cabinets eliminate wasted space and the need for fillers, and they allow you to express your personality any way you wish.

Value and Quality
Custom cabinets are made of “real” materials — locally sourced, reclaimed or sustainable woods — and sturdy joints or block bracing.. Because custom cabinets are built to order and finished all at the same time, you can be assured that wood grains will be matched, that colors will be true, and that all finishes will be more uniform.
Good Looks and Long Life Spans
There is no substitute for craftsmanship, and LWi custom cabinets cabinet makers take pride in their work. In effect, you are employing artists in a functional medium, and they “sign” each piece with their reputation. Those good looks will last, sometimes for a lifetime or perhaps even for generations, as the fine furniture pieces of the past have lasted.

Specialty Storage
Add a floor to ceiling cabinet to hold silver, or a glass-front cabinet to display a collection of antique cast iron cooking tools. Eliminate upper cabinets in favor of free-standing armoires to hold china and serving pieces. Install a “between the studs” cabinet for spices; have a kitchen full of drawers and pull-out, lift-up trays for small appliances, also vary counter heights to better serve specialty needs.
Even though cabinets designed to your personal specifications will cost more than standard boxes and finishes, the result is an artistic expression that will bring you continued pleasure and meet your needs perfectly.

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