Should you choose a decorative molding with an angled profile or a flat crown molding? More and more people are choosing a flat molding. The number one reason is looks.

A flat crown is modern and contemporary-usually used with shaker style cabinets.

But another important reason to use a flat crown is to hide ceiling level issues. Many homes, particularly older homes do not have level ceilings. At one spot your ceiling height may be 98″ tall, at another 97.5″ tall and at yet another 98.25″ tall. These height differences are a mess to deal with if they fall within a run of cabinets.

With conventional crown that has an angled profile this variation will be accentuated. Since the crown must be at the same level on the cabinets it will produce a gap at the ceiling where the ceiling height is taller. If the ceiling dips, the crown must be moved down covering more cabinet frame and the eye will definitely see this difference.

A flat crown, however, can have it’s height adjusted by shaving off a little here or there as needed to meet the ceiling perfectly and this won’t be noticed by your eye.

Consider this when choosing a crown profile.