We’re never bored here at LWi. One of the things that we really enjoy is the diversity of work that we do. Since we not only build custom cabinets, furniture, and specialty woodwork but also restore and refinish antiques, the day may find one of us doing something unusual and the whole shop gets involved. Last Friday as the day was winding down, we all gathered around an antique steamer chest that was being painted and took up a brush. It was fun, and a chance for us to have a laugh after a week of activity. We get some funny requests, like turning a broken old oak table into a bookcase, or making a table out of a bookcase. Either way, you can bet that on a Friday afternoon, there will be a shopful of skilled craftsmen working on it. Cabinets are fun and easy, but it seems like when something funky has to be done, the minds come together and before you know it, problem solved. With a recent customer, we did a complete home’s worth of cabinets, refinished 7 or 8 pieces of furniture, and modified an antique to become a vanity sink cabinet. It was nice to be able to get so much work from one customer, but the thing we like best is the variety of services that we offer. If you’re considering a remodel, and you want to update your furniture as well, let us know, and we’ll help you make it happen