10 States Where You’re Most Likely To Hit a Deer

West Virginia consistently ranks high for deer-vehicle collisions due to its large deer population and extensive forested areas.

1. West Virginia

Montana's rural landscape and abundant deer population make it a state with a high likelihood of deer-related accidents.

2. Montana

With a mix of urban and rural areas, Pennsylvania sees a significant number of deer-vehicle collisions, especially during mating season.

3. Pennsylvania

The combination of agricultural fields and wooded areas in Iowa provides ample habitat for deer, leading to higher collision rates.

4. Iowa

Wisconsin's diverse landscape, including forests, farmland, and urban areas, contributes to a higher risk of deer encounters.

5. Wisconsin

Michigan's mix of rural and suburban areas, along with a sizable deer population, makes it a state with a higher likelihood of deer-related accidents.

6. Michigan

The state's large deer population and extensive forests contribute to a higher risk of collisions, particularly during hunting and mating seasons.

7. Minnesota

Wyoming's open range and large deer population increase the chances of encountering deer, especially on highways and rural roads.

8. Wyoming

The state's agricultural areas and ample natural habitat for deer make North Dakota a location where deer-related accidents are more common.

9. North Dakota

South Dakota's mix of agricultural land, forests, and open spaces leads to a higher risk of deer-vehicle collisions.

10. South Dakota

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