10 Places In The U.S. With Weird Names

A town in Lancaster County, known for its Amish community and scenic countryside.

1. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

 A small village in Livingston County, Michigan, known for its quirky name and charming rural setting.

2. Hell, Michigan

A city located in Montgomery County, Texas, with a unique name of unclear origin.

3. Cut and Shoot, Texas

A small community in Clay County, West Virginia, with a name that has sparked much curiosity.

4. Booger Hole, West Virginia

Originally named Hot Springs, this city changed its name in 1950 to win a radio contest hosted by the popular show "Truth or Consequences."

5. Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

A community in Fannin County, Texas, with a name that may have originated from a local legend about a fight over a fiddle-playing bug.

6. Bug Tussle, Texas

A census-designated place in Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska. The story behind its name is not entirely clear.

7. Chicken, Alaska

A community in Perry County, Arkansas, known for its peculiar name, which has inspired folklore and even a local festival.

8. Toad Suck, Arkansas

A small unincorporated community in Bell County, Texas, known for its memorable name.

9. Ding Dong, Texas

A remote area in Leslie County, Kentucky, with an intriguing and somewhat ominous name.

10. Hell for Certain, Kentucky

10 Places In The U.S. With Weird Names