10 Healthiest Types of Alcohol to Drink

Rich in antioxidants, red wine is associated with potential heart health benefits. It's also relatively low in calories compared to some other alcoholic beverages.

1. Red Wine

Champagne, particularly the drier varieties, tends to have fewer calories and less sugar than many other sparkling wines.

2. Dry Champagne

Tequila made from 100% agave is considered a purer form of the spirit and may have fewer additives. It's also typically lower in sugar.

3. Tequila

Pure, unflavored vodka is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages available. When mixed with soda water and a splash of lime, it's a relatively low-calorie option.

4. Vodka

Gin is typically low in sugar and calories, especially when mixed with diet tonic or soda water.

5. Gin

Light beers have fewer calories and carbohydrates compared to regular beers. They are a lower-calorie alternative for beer enthusiasts.

6. Light Beer

Whiskey is generally considered a lower-calorie option among spirits, and it contains no carbohydrates or sugars.

7. Whiskey

Traditional Japanese sake is made from rice and water and generally has fewer additives compared to many other types of alcohol.

8. Sake

A classic dry martini made with gin or vodka and a small amount of vermouth is a relatively low-calorie cocktail option.

9. Dry Martini

Made with tomato juice, vodka, and various seasonings, a Bloody Mary can be a relatively lower-calorie cocktail choice, especially when made with minimal added sugars.

10. Bloody Mary

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