LWi Custom Cabinets now offers two new “Green” choices for drawer boxes. We’re already doing all we can to make sure that our cabinets are constructed in environmentally responsible materials, and our drawer boxes are no different. The first choice is European Sycamore, harvested responsibly from managed forests; this wood is strong and durable with some color variation. The second choice is finger-jointed White Birch. By utilizing scraps destined for a landfill, this is true Lean and Green at its best. Since its White Birch, the color and grade are fairly consistent, and the boxes are durable. Both products are available at the same price as Baltic Birch plywood boxes, but give the “Wow” factor of a solid wood drawer box. We’ve made the full switch to the solid boxes, and enjoy knowing that we are doing our part. We hope you’ll feel the same. Either choice you make, you can rest assured it’ll be a good choice.