Have you ever had a contractor or labor company send a crew to do work in your home only to have them use your bathroom, numerous times, track mud into your home, leave cigarette butts, or worse. Then the next day, have an entirely different crew show up to finish the work? When you contact the company, they inform you that this crew has worked for them many times with no complaints, do they apologize by saying “we won’t use that crew again”.

Many contractors have a reliable group of subcontractors that they trust to behave in a way that presents their company in a good light. Many companies simple go by the idea that if the subs they hire don’t do a good job they just won’t use them again. But where does that leave you the end customer. You still had that crew in your home, messing up your house and perhaps even doing a spotty job.


As an end customer, your contract with the company you have hired needs to spell everything out, including the sub-contractors they will be using. Who will actually be coming into your home. This holds true even for small simple jobs.

Your contract should spell out all specifics of any subs they will be using.

Time and schedule of work, Insurance proof and Scope of work


LWI Custom Cabinets does not use subcontractors, LWi wants to assure you that they do not send in hired-for-the-job workers to install your cabinets. LWi’s installers/builders are professional, clean, and well-mannered and know your cabinets inside and out.


The people you meet with for your in-home estimate are the same ones you will work with throughout the process. The builders who build your cabinets are the same ones who will install your cabinets, they are employees of LWi Custom Cabinets.


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get everything in writing, actually LWi prefers it, They want to provide you with as much or more information than you think you need.


-Full Cadd drawings explaining every detail of your cabinets and , yes, LWi require you to sign off on them. This allows you to know exactly the measurements of your cabinets for no surprises later.

– LWi also provide a specification sheet for you to sign off on detailing all of your appliances and their dimensions, this way there is no confusion that LWi has the right appliances measured for your cabinet spaces. If you find a discrepancy, then it can corrected it before building starts.

– LWi also provide our full terms and condition to sign, and while reading over the 2 page document might seem a burden, the 10 minutes you spend will let you know everything you’ve signed up for.