Many people feel that taking on a remodeling project is very overwhelming, But a remodel can be well worth the investment both monetarily and time wise.

The single most important result from remodeling is of course better living enjoyment and better functionality of your kitchen.

A recent report by the National association of Realtors evaluated the cost and value of remodeling your kitchen. The actual cost of the remodel in this report vary but are influenced by project design, quality of materials, location, home condition and specific accessory preferences.

The report results concluded that the top reason for doing a kitchen remodel was to upgrade worn out surfaces/finishes. The second most important reason was for better functionality and livability change and third reason was to have a change.

The median cost of a kitchen remodel was found to be $35,000
The average realtor cost showed a recovery on home value of $20,000
This is 57% of value recovered from the project.

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