Though some Big Box stores may claim they have a custom line of cabinets, technically this is not true.

Full custom cabinets are completely made from scratch, They are designed to fit your space and built off those designs.

Big Box custom is actually semi-custom. In other words they make an existing set of cabinet sizes fit into your space. The sink base is 36″, not the 35″ your space needs, But 36″. This is why you see “fillers” in these cabinet layouts. Pieces to fill gaps where their pre-sized cabinets don’t fit into your space.

If you want something very unique, well, you won’t be getting it from semi-custom cabinets.

When you see a plan from Lowes, for example, you will see cabinets labeled DB36 for example. This is their pre-sized Drawer Bank that is 36″ wide. But what if you really need a 34.5″ drawer bank in that area? What if you want the top drawer to be 7″ deep and the bottom two drawers to be 10″ deep? Sorry Charlie- Lowes provides 5″ top drawers only.

Custom cabinets offer completely customizable cabinet sizes, styles, accessories, etc. But, they also offer more than this. Fully custom cabinets allow you to be creative- adding elements that fit your unique life style. You have a set of charger plates that are 14″ in Diameter. These won’t fit in a std 12″ deep upper, so make one upper 15″ deep.

You have a beautiful vase you’d like to display that is 17″ tall. Provide a glass upper with adjustable shelving. You are a chef wanna be, you have more spices than chef Ramsey. Design in several spice pullout units in various locations where you would use them most. Tired of bending over to see what’s inside your base cabinets and rummaging around to find that one special bowl? Design in pullouts in your lower cabinets to easily access everything inside.

And corners are the pits, the dark pits. Deep, dark and basically useless storage space.. Not anymore, There are lots of new corner accessories to make that one your new favorite cabinet space.

From double stacking silverware drawers, to pantry solutions, custom accessories can turn just a kitchen into a usable cooks dream space.