Being attentive to details and conscientious rewards you in many ways. One of the jobs we are working on right now came about because the customer recognized that in us.

An architect that we work with owns a very nice bungalow style home and he’s renovated it himself with his own personal style. He understands that the devil is in the details and when he wanted to do his stairs, he chose us.
We went with Long Leaf Pine to match the existing flooring and keep the historical integrity of his home.

Long Leaf Pine is a material that I am very familiar with: I’ve done everything that you can do with wood to it, from market it to miter it. To say I like it would be an understatement. Each piece is a little “living history”, and what you’re holding was probably an established tree when the Pilgrims were landing at Plymouth Rock. It’s a beautiful wood, ranging in color from electric yellows to deep reds and browns, very tight grained, and hard. While there a lot of “Antique Heart Pine” products out there, really only Long Leaf looks like Long Leaf. Loblolly can be nice and even some old Southern Yellow can look really good, but Long Leaf stands above the rest.

It is an expensive product, ranging from about what you’d pay for a nice African Mahogany and up, depending on clarity and sizes. That being said, it is worth every penny.

We just finished his project this week, and I have to say it turned out very well.

As we got into the project, the scope grew, and we added cladding the walls and ceilings of his loft with tongue and groove clear yellow pine, the walls of the stairwell, and even the underside of the stairs, seen from below. We also built and installed a sliding door system at the first floor. The project looks amazing, and the customer is extremely satisfied. Mission accomplished, Team!

Winder grain running correctly, around the corner, it takes more time but it’s worth the effort We had to maintain straight and level lines of the tongue and groove around the room and clad the closet doors as well with an 1/8” clearance

Our customer wanted to be able to separate off his office, so we worked with him to design this sliding door. We had the door and the wall material’s horizontal lines match up, which presented an interesting challenge.


Juxtaposition – The act of placing things side by side for the sake of comparison or contrast.

That’s exactly what LWi Custom Cabinets has been doing, creating a new show room with juxtaposition in mind. The new mid century style desk is made of pecan with sleek straight legs made of aged long leaf pine. Several small vignettes showcasing various styles and finishes, is topped off with a bright red stained maple top edged with clear finished beach wood. Placing these quiet opposite wood species and finishes together creates a unique modern twist that greets the eye with Fun!

LWi Custom Cabinets is also beginning to create unique furniture pieces that won’t be found anywhere else. A Rustic Pecan Dresser, for example who drawers are actually a large door with nickle handles and feet for a modern rustic look. A new table recently created has a trestle live oak leg system with a pine top stained dark, the top edge in Live Oak with a raw edge.

Mixing things up and adding an unexpected twist creating something eye opening, is the new juxtaposition LWi is creating. Take a look at the new web link showcasing these new designs and ideas, and be inspired to come up with your own juxtapositions.


Here are a few suggestions on what you can do to make sure your new cabinets are as green as they come, no matter where you have them installed.

Cost vs. Value and Going Green with Cabinetry
First and foremost, many people are concerned with the budget implications of going green with cabinetry. Many may ask if going green is worth the trouble where cabinets are concerned. Going green with your kitchen, bath, or other cabinetry project isn’t about finding the cheapest price. From a green remodeling perspective, greening your cabinets means eliminating common health risks associated with economy cabinetry materials.

  • Avoid MDF, Interior Grade Plywood, and Particleboard—Every one of these products is a major ingredient in stock and semi-custom residential cabinetry. They also all contain urea formaldehyde based adhesives, a proven carcinogen that can off-gas into your home for years after installation. If you can, avoid cabinetry made from medium density fiberboard, interior grade plywood, and particleboard.
  • Seal MDF, Interior Grade Plywood, and Particleboard—If you do purchase cabinetry made from these materials (most cabinets you can purchase contain these materials to some degree), be sure to paint over any exposed surfaces with several coats of a paint or sealer before installation.
  • Choose Custom Cabinetry Made with Formaldehyde-free products—From a health perspective, the greenest cabinetry on the market is custom cabinetry. It also happens to be the most beautiful and functional cabinetry solution, since it’s custom built for you, your space, and your needs.
  • Use Low- or no-VOC Paints, Stains, and Sealers—Paints, sealers, stains, and other finishes used on cabinetry can off-gas a host of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your indoor environment, including some that have been implicated in skin disorders, respiratory problems, and even cancer. By choosing low- or no-VOC paints, stains, and sealers, you’ll reduce your exposure to these potentially harmful chemicals, or eliminate them all together.

Which Shade of Green is Right for You?
While thinking green when it comes to cabinetry is a smart choice for your health and the environment, it’s not unusual for homeowners to feel a little overwhelmed when presented with the full scope of green remodeling options. If you’re feeling unsure about how green you’re willing to go with your new cabinetry installation, there’s no need to worry. Going green isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition, and any step you take in a green direction is a smart one whether you paint an old set of cabinets with low-VOC paints or spring for a set of custom built cabinetry for your kitchen or bath remodel.


We’re never bored here at LWi. One of the things that we really enjoy is the diversity of work that we do. Since we not only build custom cabinets, furniture, and specialty woodwork but also restore and refinish antiques, the day may find one of us doing something unusual and the whole shop gets involved. Last Friday as the day was winding down, we all gathered around an antique steamer chest that was being painted and took up a brush. It was fun, and a chance for us to have a laugh after a week of activity. We get some funny requests, like turning a broken old oak table into a bookcase, or making a table out of a bookcase. Either way, you can bet that on a Friday afternoon, there will be a shopful of skilled craftsmen working on it. Cabinets are fun and easy, but it seems like when something funky has to be done, the minds come together and before you know it, problem solved. With a recent customer, we did a complete home’s worth of cabinets, refinished 7 or 8 pieces of furniture, and modified an antique to become a vanity sink cabinet. It was nice to be able to get so much work from one customer, but the thing we like best is the variety of services that we offer. If you’re considering a remodel, and you want to update your furniture as well, let us know, and we’ll help you make it happen


LWi Custom Cabinets now offers two new “Green” choices for drawer boxes. We’re already doing all we can to make sure that our cabinets are constructed in environmentally responsible materials, and our drawer boxes are no different. The first choice is European Sycamore, harvested responsibly from managed forests; this wood is strong and durable with some color variation. The second choice is finger-jointed White Birch. By utilizing scraps destined for a landfill, this is true Lean and Green at its best. Since its White Birch, the color and grade are fairly consistent, and the boxes are durable. Both products are available at the same price as Baltic Birch plywood boxes, but give the “Wow” factor of a solid wood drawer box. We’ve made the full switch to the solid boxes, and enjoy knowing that we are doing our part. We hope you’ll feel the same. Either choice you make, you can rest assured it’ll be a good choice.


Over the years we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, but one of the mainstays has been painted cabinets. Painted cabinets are great, and lend themselves to a variety of styles. One thing about painted cabinets that customers should be aware of is that the doors and frames will have hairline cracks at joints. We do a great job of puttying and sanding to eliminate as many of them as possible, but they will still be present. Customers that want the look of painted cabinets but are concerned should consider a rigid thermofoil or RTF.


We have grown again and have now purchased another enclosed trailer, expanded the drive way at the facility to accommodate many more cars and have added an addition to the building to house the ever growing need for more space. A showroom is in the design phase as well for the coming new year. As soon as it is complete photos will be posted and we will invite you all to come visit. Keep watching our blog for more news.


While still maintaining a presence in the antique restoration business, Lockhart Woodworks is now focusing more of its resources on Custom Cabinets and Cabinet finishing. In the past months the company has hired an experienced cabinet builder and project manager to add to the already experienced team.

The focus of the company is on both home owners wishing to remodel their kitchen, bath, and entertainment areas as well as work with high end custom home builders for both kitchen design and cabinet constructions and trim out work.

Our new team offers the flexibility of computer designed layouts and extensive design layout work. With the help of a high tech cabinet drawing program we can now offer you design ideas on the spot, showing you how your new kitchen or bath will look with any changes you like.

Lockhart Woodworks offers complete design, build, finish, and install of cabinets. We can also quote Granite and other countertops including custom made butcher blocks.
In addition Lockhart woodworks now can offer interior doors and trim, crown molding and base molding – also stained, finished and installed, to complete your project.

Check out the many new cabinet installations we have done on our facebook page.

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